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All The Tools You Need To Take Great Photographs

Simple methods to make your camera work for you, and capture what you imagine.
Practical knowledge and workarounds to quickly make the best photograph out of any situation.
Professional visual concepts to see and take amazing images of the world around you.
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Meet Your Instructor

Jeremy Norris is an award winning cinematographer and photographer who loves to share the thrill of capturing great images with other people.

He has a total experience of over 15 years creating images and currently focuses on business photography with Norris Creation.

Jeremy has immersed himself in the "correct" methods of photography while always looking for a more practical approach, understanding that technology has made being creative simpler and more convenient.

What You Will Learn

Know Your Camera

You'll get to know how your camera works and what settings to use in various situations. You won't be stuck in Auto Mode or left scratching your head trying to calculate Manual settings.

How to Take Great Photos

You'll be able to take how you feel in any moment and put it into a photo. This way you can capture moments the way you want them to be remembered.

How to Make the Best of Any Situation

Sometimes conditions aren't always perfect for a photograph. After taking this course you will learn how to adapt, overcome, and experiment with what works best for what you need to achieve.

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"How Do I Take Better Photos?"

As a photographer, I get asked all of the time, “How do I take better photos?” When people ask this question they are looking for a simple solution. Unfortunately every photo needs different knowledge or techniques to make it a great image. There is no one magic button that will instantly make a photo balanced and professional. You have to learn how to take better photos.

Going to school for photography like I did can be extremely time consuming and expensive. Then there are still all of the practical things that you learn from experience because photography school only teaches the “proper” way of doing things and not the most efficient way to get results.

This left me scratching my head and fumbling with too many buttons when I got out in the real world. This is why I created this course so you can learn photography online. I want to give you a condensed, practical online photography school to get all of the knowledge you need to take your best photos very quickly. The perfect mix of theory and practicality that I use every day is now...
Learn Photography 101.

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